Course Overview

Thank you for enrolling in the Certificate in Private Company Governance, exclusively from the Private Directors Association®. To earn your certificate and digital badge you’ll need to complete every course component listed on the navigation menu on the left. Once you have completed the activity required on each page, please select the next radio button on the left to move through the course in order. Or use the blue button at the bottom right of each page.

For the most part, you will be learning at your own pace, logging in when it suits you to read, watch a video, or take a test. Live group mentoring is the only part of your study you must schedule. In order to add value to the discussion with your mentor and peers, please be sure to have completed Required Reading, Knowledge Check and Additional Resources before your mentoring takes place.

It’s time to get started! Use the power point slides below to find out more about the Certificate in Private Company Governance and how it will help you stand out in the boardroom. Click the down arrow in the bar at the bottom left of the slide to move through the deck.

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