Access Instructions

Follow steps here for first time enrollees and also bookmark this page.

  1. Login here:
  2. Enter PDA credentials
    Username: your PDA email address
    Default Password:  ESOP2021
  3. Click pay now
  4. Click add to CART—Basket symbol will appear to your top right and click on it
  5. Click checkout, fill up some billing details required
  6. Enter credit card payment details.
  7. In the order details, you can click the link in Access the course here: ESOP Governance Essentials or you can go to the Menu->Courses->ESOP Governance Essentials
  8. Click on Course Overview to start the course

Returning user

To go back to the course:

  1. Login here:
  2. Enter PDA credentials
    Username : your PDA email address
    Password: your password

To change your password:

  1. Login and go here: or you can go to menu->Account->My Account
  2. Click on Edit Account
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